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A holistic way to healing your trauma.

Let us show you how energy medicine can help you:

The Trauma Healers offer a unique approach to trauma healing, combining energetic and somatic modalities. We believe that in order to heal from trauma, we need to look beyond the physical and mental aspects of it and reach the deeper energetic roots of the issue.

Our approach is rooted in understanding how to work with the body, mind and soul to create an environment of healing and wellbeing. We strive to provide our clients with the best tools and knowledge to help them move forward in their healing journey.

Experiencing a traumatic event affects people is one of two ways- a transition or an ongoing impact on emotional and physical states. Some people can easily overcome the impact of such an event, while others can be deeply affected in their ability to cope with the same situation.

This can negatively affect how they perceive their environment and themselves. The brain gets rewired to maladaptive physical and mental responses, and the body gets stuck in a constant stress response.

Somatic methods can effectively heal people from trauma by addressing the body and what the body is experiencing. 

Energy Healing is based on the understanding that the human energy field is a dynamic system of powerful influences, in a unique relationship to physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We know that our body functions are powered by energy-

  • Our heart beats using energy pulses.

  • Our brain and nervous system communicate with our entire body through complex energetic pathways.

  • Our human energy field is constantly reacting to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our body.

In Energy healing, we focus on first set of seven chakras, and on the energy field (aura) that surrounds our bodies, organs, and individual cells. We address blockages and open the natural channels of our being at a high vibrational level, so mind, body, and spirit are functioning together optimally. The body can then work to reverse dysfunction through its natural ability to heal itself.

We use a one of a kind combination of tools, which may include EMDR, Energy Healing, Shamanic techniques, Breathwork, Coaching and other cutting edge methods. 


Energy Healing

Shamanic Healing

Transformational Coaching

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