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My Philosophy & Goals For You

I'm so glad that you stopped by my website!

Every time you look at a website nowadays, there's always an "About" section. Sometimes it's the first page that I will go to, to find out about the person and/or service that I am considering purchasing. People usually have a long bio about themselves, their credentials, trainings, (what I call the ego list!).

I think it's actually more important to connect with the healer that you are looking to work with, so I try and keep my page a little bit more human. I have lots of credentials, some of which are mentioned below. I have almost 20 years of experience in working with my clients, healing their trauma, supporting them to move forward in their lives, coaching them to create a new story for themselves in which they are the Hero, Sage or Warrior, not the victim.

I think it's important that we have archetypes in our lives that serve us, and not break us down. Many of us grew up in less than perfect circumstances, but we don't have to stay there. We can choose to move out and away from those paths, and have healthy and whole lives.


I used to think that I was able to do this all by myself, (the Warrior)  and now I know that going it alone is darn hard (that's the Sage, still under development!).

I've had lots of support and help in my life, and I'd like to do the same for you. We all need help on our journeys sometimes, and that's what I do, is be the help that you need


It's important to choose a healer that you connect with, because working on trauma is very intimate.  I use a Shaman's ancient methods blended with research based, cutting edge treatments, and weave in some spiritual elements based on the clients preferences. My focus is on your body, mind and soul, to clear and clean out your past traumas so that you can live a healthy, peaceful life. 

Some of my trainings and background:

MS, Counseling Psychology, Capella University

BS, Psychology, UC Denver

Certified Energy Healer- Deborah King Training 

Shamanic Energy Healing- 4 Winds Society

Astrological Practioner- Sky Scholar Academy

Medical Astrology- Rebecca Gordon

Intuitive Energy Practioner- Institute for Sedona Healing Arts

Certified Health Coach- Institute for Integrative Nutrition 

Certified Life Coach- College of Executive Coaching

Certified EMDR Therapist and Approved Consultant

Kelly Chisholm, Energy Healer, Shaman and Coach

"When you can tell your story and it doesn't make you cry, you know you

have healed."

Karen Salmansohn

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