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Types of Healings


In therapy world, EMDR is well known as an effective treatment for PTSD and trauma. What most people don't know is that it is also a somatic and energetic tool to help people “deal and heal” with their trauma. EMDR usually uses eye movements or tapping to help the client process trauma. In my years of experience, people heal trauma faster with a blend of somatic, energetic and spiritual methods. So it's one of my favorite tools for helping my clients. I've had extensive training in EMDR, I’m EMDR certified and a consultant. You can find out more about EMDR and check out my credentials here.

Trauma Clearing

Energy medicine works with your energy field that surrounds and informs your physical, emotional, and spiritual world unlike a physical blueprint, which is separate, your energy field is continuously informed by both positive and negative events that you experienced during your life.

In the Illumination process we work together to identify and release negative imprints in your energy field to change and repair it.


Trauma Transformation Session

In an Extraction process we remove intrusive energies that are not an authentic part of you as well of releasing some of the issues of your past.

In a Soul Retrieval process I journey on your behalf to recover a part of you that was separated during your time of trauma. That part is now awaiting to be reunited with you in a loving and compassionate manner. This is a very beautiful process with many gifts and wisdom offerings that brings a profound sense of wholeness and well-being to your life

Breathwork Coaching

Learning breathwork techniques is a valuable skill for reducing stress, better sleep and more energy. Breathwork goes hand in hand with somatic and energetic healing to assist the trauma being released from your body. I am a trained breathwork coach with many exercises that can help you.

Sacred Sexuality

Sexual energy is a fundamental part of life. If you've experienced sexual trauma in the past , you might feel that discussing sexuality is taboo. But your sexuality is part of you, and if you cut off from your own sexual energy, you can easily be disconnected from the very thing that makes you human. And if you are disconnected to your own sexual energy,  how can you ever connect to someone else’s? I am a Clinical Sexologist, and use the same energetic and somatic methods to help you balance and reclaim your sexuality. Check out my credentials here.

Ready to get started? Just click the appointment button and pick a time that works for you. All new clients should choose the "Trauma Assessment"  option for scheduling. I can't wait to get you started on your path to being trauma free!

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